Exploratory Analysis

LIVE Environments enable exploratory data analysis, the ability to visualize and interact with your data so that you can understand it. The brushing-and-linking paradigm means that interactive selections in one viewer to automatically displayed in all other viewers, even for visualizations of other (linked) data sets.

Multidimensional linked data exploration

🪐 A short introduction to exploring data using some of the diverse viewer types and data types supported in LIVE Environments.

Brush to explore

🧬 Selections made in one viewer propagate to all other viewers automatically.

Use multiple subsets

🪐 You can use multiple selections to compare and contrast multiple features within your data.

Interactivity (way!) beyond glue

Many of the tool providers on the LIVE  team have created fantastic interactive visualization tools that easily fit into the LIVE frameworks.  Here's just one example, from the Gosling project, related to LIVE Bio.