Organizations and people comprising the LIVE team created LIVE's foundational elements with support from NASA, NSF, Microsoft Research, the Sloan Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Jackson Laboratory, Harvard University, and others. 

Additional funding is needed for the infrastructure and personnel who will build out robust, flexible, extensible versions of LIVE Environments. 

Two letters related to funding are in-process for discussion in early 2024.  

Later in 2024, Dr. Catherine Zucker (Smithsonian) will lead a proposal to support the science enabled by LIVE in Astronomy, related to

The demonstration projects for GIS LIVE will be a combination of earth science Cosmic Data Stories, work under the Data+Climate project, and more (from our Jupyter collaborators).

The relationship between the various proposals underway and planned is shown below.

LIVE Environments

Status: A funding request is being made to NSF TIP for a research-enabling software infrastructure build-out to support three fields: Astronomy, Biology, and GIS, each with their own demonstration projects, funded separately.
is the Science Demonstration project for

LIVE Astro

to be proposed to NSF Astronomy, 2024

Transforming Surgical Pathology through Digital Functional HistoPathology is the Science Demonstration project for


to be proposed to ARPA-H, 2024

CosmicDS, Data+Climate and "more"
are Science Demonstration projects for


"more"  to be proposed to NASA, 2024