Interactive Exports

Visualizations can be exported as standalone interactive figures for embedding in webpages, public presentations, and scientific journals.


Webpage for sharing science with the public (Astronomy example) 🪐

Star Formation on the Local Bubble, as seen in Nature, 2022

The discovery that the 1000-light-year-wide "Local Bubble" surrounding the Sun and Earth is responsible for the formation of all nearby, young stars was first presented in a paper published in Nature on January 12, 2022, by Zucker et al.  The paper's exploratory visualization, and figures like the interactive sample below, all relied on the glue software.  The interactive figures were singled-out as a key innovation in much of the media coverage, including a feature in the New York Times.

Augmented Reality and Interactive Figures  (Astronomy example) 🪐

The Perseus-Taurus Superbubble, as seen in ApJ Letters, 2021

In 2021, an international team of astronomers including glue solutions' founders, used glue to discover the "Perseus Taurus Subperbubble," shown below as an interactive figure exported from glue to  This figure appears in Bialy et al. 2021, and the scannable QR codes embedded in it represent the first use of Augmented Reality in an American Astronomical Society Journal.